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Michael161 started this conversation
I am new to this site. I am a disabled war veteran that is trying to start a business that I will be able to handle. I am wanting to start a ranch/farm and my wife wants to start a Bed and Breakfast. The government did not do much to prepare me for life after my disability so I am not financially secure enough to start this venture on my own. I desperately need help so anyone who can and is willing to offer advice and/or help, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Judee A
Hi, Michael.
I am so sorry about the struggles you are going through. If you are interested in an income opportunity that would create residual income for you, working from home, and could then enable you to invest in other interests you and your wife have, send me a message. My email is and the attached video shows the opportunity I am talking about. Momentis is rolling out a Veterans Program next month (September 2012) and you would be able to become a marketing rep at no cost!

Judee A
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Hi I'm a dental school student and I can treat you at Nova dental school for a very low fraction of the cost. The clinic is located in Davie, FL and provides dental work for much cheaper than outside dentists. Call me at 703 867 8691. When can get this teeth replaced with a beautiful partial denture!
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 in response to Ed Torres...   Thank you Ed for the suggestion. I will look into it.
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